Sour Ales at Peter B’s Brewpub

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Clark, Brewmaster at Monterey’s original craft brewery, Peter B’s Brewpub here at the Portola Hotel & Spa and ask him a few questions about his most recent and unique release, Prehistoric Animal Sour Ale, ready to wake from its year-long hibernation in Cabernet Barrels.


Kevin Clark, Brewmaster, Peter B’s Brewpub

What does a Sour Ale taste like?

Deliciously complex! It’s malty, sweet, fruity, tangy and here for a limited time!


What inspired the production of Sour Ales at Peter B’s?

My first experience with tart fermented beverages was Kombucha which is an acquired taste. I fell in love with those and lead to my love of sours. It made the transition nice.


What are your favorite flavor profiles when it comes to producing a sour?

I personally like raspberry or tart cherry additions when selecting a sour.


What else can tell us about Prehistoric Animal Sour Ale?

Sour beers are a great addition to our list. We don’t offer them very often but when we do it is a beautiful tart complex beer. I have found people that hate beer but love sours. I think it’s because many of them can have fruit added and provide a sweet tart compo. Our sour does not have fruit, instead this Belgian Golden Sour Ale is aged in Cab barrels for one year. Because of the higher final gravity of the beer, there will be a slight malty sweetness balanced with the tart.


Prehistoric Animal Sour Ale: 8.9% ABV, 35 IBUs

The first release of Prehistoric Animal Sour Ale is already gone. But don’t worry, there are 300 gallons left to be released in segments over the next few weeks! Stop by Peter B’s today to try an award winning house made brews.


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