Searching for “Buried Treasures”

There’s nothing more precious than a child’s imagination. Whether it be pretending to soar to the moon or search for buried treasure, I always love listening to my children as they describe the many adventures they have created in their colorful little minds. So, when they had the opportunity to experience their first Portola Pirates “Voyage”, I innocently asked them where the best places to find buried treasures here in Monterey, they did not hesitate to share their thoughts!

Phinn & Mackenzie fueling up to start their Pirate Adventure

So here it goes – Phinn & Mackenzie’s Top Five Places to Find Buried Treasure – Portola Pirate Style!

  1. Candyland – located just steps from the Portola out on the Portola Plaza, Candyland is filled with buckets of the sweetest treats any young pirate could imagine, from salt water taffy, to lollipops as big as Captain Hook’s at – there’s treasures every direction you look!

Candyland located out on the Alvarado Mall


  1. The Monterey Bay Aquarium – no matter the age of your little crewmembers, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is truly a treasure of the Monterey Peninsula. Discover sharks, sea turtles, jelly fish, octopus, bat rays and more, going Under the Sea is possible, with a bit of imagination! And who knows, you never know what you will discover!

Photo Courtey of  The Monterey Bay Aquarium

  1. Lover’s Point Beach, Pacific Grove – walk, run, or bike along the Coastal Recreation Trail and you will end up at Lover’s Point Beach. An enchanted cove with white sand, sea shells, and treasures in every direction. Treasures that include majestic views of the Monterey Bay, sandy toes and even the change to paddle board or kayak. Make sure to pack your sand pail and shovels, because the treasures you will discover are memories for a lifetime.


  1. Dennis the Menace Park – walk on over to Dennis the Menace Park and let your Pirates lead the way. Slide, swing and climb your way to Monterey’s iconic playground and let fun be your guide as you rediscover your inner child on the bumpy slide or swinging bridge.


  1. Monterey Wharf – no trip to Monterey is complete without exploring Historic Fisherman’s Wharf. Lined with candy stores, gift shops and restaurant’s galore, the treasures you will discover on the Wharf include barking sea lions, rich clam chowder and if you’re lucky a glass bottom boat ride!

Monterey Fisherman’s Warf


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Phinn & Mackenzie ending their Pirate adventure with their Pirate bags filled with goodies

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