How Sweet It Is!

If you have ever dined at any of the onsite restaurants at the Portola Hotel & Spa or experienced a special on-property event, there’s a good chance you have tasted the sweet creations of Pastry Chef, Marcos.

Cheesecake with a Fresh Berry Glaze

Chef Marcos started from humble beginnings at the Portola, where he began in 1985 as a dishwasher, but was soon promoted to Prep Cook.  As a prep cook, Marcos headed up salad preparation, as well as prepping all fruits and vegetables for the restaurants and banquet and catering departments. The kitchen management noticed a great talent and passion from Marcos and he was promoted yet again to Kitchen Supervisor in 1995.

From 1999-2000 Marcos discovered that he had a knack for making desserts and began baking cakes and pastries for banquets utilizing the Portola Hotel’s house recipes. During this time, he also learned how to create impressive ice sculptures.

Decadent Chocolate Mousse

Most recently, Executive Chef Danny Abbruzzese noticed Marcos’ undeniable baking skills and asked him to begin incorporating his own cake and pastry recipes into a variety of menus. Today, under the direction of Chef Danny, many of Chef Marcos’ creations are featured here at the Portola including: his Heirloom Carrot Cake, Classic Crème Brulee, Mama’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake, Cheesecake and the decadent chocolate mousse featured in each of the restaurant’s Signature Brownie Sundae.

Chef Marcos Preparing Heirloom Carrot Cake for a Banquet Event

Chef Marcos’ journey is truly inspiring and is an example of hard work, dedication and having a passion for one’s craft.

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