Blog Manager: Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas, the editor of Central Coast Living, is a native Californian with a passion for travel and adventure. After growing up in Pacific Grove, CA, Lisa traveled and experienced life before returning to the beautiful Monterey Peninsula to begin her career and family.  Lisa is a freelance writer, entrepreneur, mother and volunteer and loves nothing better than giving visitors to the area tips, insider info and ideas on how to best enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world.

 As someone who has experienced travel with both friends and family, Lisa brings a unique perspective to her insights and is as comfortable describing a fabulous girl’s weekend, as she is giving advice on the best place to take your family.  With so many diverse activities, events and attractions to highlight, Lisa is inspired by the beauty of the area and readers of her Central Coast Living blog are sure to find some great info to make their trip to the Monterey Peninsula that much more exciting.

Lisa lives on the Monterey Peninsula with her husband Steve, almost four year old twins, Mackenzie and Phinn AND a bevy of pets.  There is never a dull moment in the Thomas household!

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