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Breakfast for Two

Ahhhh breakfast. It starts you off right and gets you ready for the day ahead. Such a popular meal, that many restaurants now offer it for dinner! What’s better than enjoying a vacation on the Monterey Peninsula when you’ve just had one the finest breakfasts around? Nothing, unless that breakfast is part of the Portola…

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Growlette and Growler

Growlers & Growlettes

Whether you are a die-hard aficionado or someone who likes the occasional cold one, beer is synonymous with many different things. Most of us can agree, however, that beer is best enjoyed in its tapped form; fresh and foamy, served in a chilled pint glass or mug. You’d be hard-pressed though, to get that “straight…

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Blue Water

Spa On the Plaza Fall Specials

As summer starts to turn to fall, don’t you deserve a little break from the end of summer/back to school madness? Whether you are rushing to pack in that last bit of fun in the sun or sprinting to fill your kid’s school supplies list everyone could use some “me” time. That’s why Spa on…

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Top 10 Automotive Activities

With so many events scheduled during the Monterey Peninsula’s Classic Car Week Monday, August 13 through Sunday August 19th is an automotive fan’s head might start spinning like the wheels on one of those amazing machines trying to decide what to see. There is something for everyone, but since the fun is just around the…

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Classic Car Week 2011 - Web

Classic Car Week 2012

Imagine being transported back to a simpler time, when the constant pull of technology was non-existent, craftsmanship took center stage and the flash of the time combined with a timeless elegance. Every year that feeling returns, the week of August 13, 2012, with the world renowned Classic Car Week. The entire Peninsula is transformed into…

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Adventures by the Sea Kayaks

Kids on the Peninsula

When most people think of the Monterey Peninsula they think of beautiful golf courses, million dollar homes and some of the world’s most famous events. Others think of miles of pristine coastline, romantic walks along the water and shopping and dining. But some do not realize the amount of kid-friendly activities available.  With as many…

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